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Here are the past newsletters for your reference.

Conan’s Newsletter: No. 6

The pass-away of “Notorious RBG”; TikTok and Wechat banned in the US; Bessemer Venture Partners’ memos; View Your Life as a Calendar; the Mediterranean Sea was filled in only several months; When the Senior Developer arrives to fix the bug…

Conan’s Newsletter: No. 5

TikTok, Amazon, and Impact of Tech on Gig Workers; New York City Evolution Animation; The first woman to design a memorial on the National Mall.

Conan’s Newsletter: No. 4

AI Talent Tracker, economics and job listing plummet; Games for remote teams; The biggest lake in California was made by an engineering mistake; How Moai on Easter Island “walked”;

Conan’s Newsletter: No. 3

Dear readers, I hope you’ve had a great week! Here are the recommendations for this week: Making sense of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – and why I prefer Earliest Testable/Usable/Lovable. This great essay from Henrik Kniberg explains minimum viable product (MVP), an important concept in lean development. An MVP is a product that is released to collect […]

Conan’s Newsletter: No. 2

Recommendations for this week: Highly recommend this video created by Phil Libin, the co-founder of Evernote and recently the mmhmm app, to explain the motivation behind the new app’s name. The mmhmm app has been generating a lot of buzzes recently but its name sounds ridiculous to many people. In this video, Phil describes his philosophy of the naming: A […]

Conan’s Newsletter: No. 1

Books Startup CEO: This is a great book about startup management and is very useful for people who are first-time CEOs or aspire to be CEO one day but don’t have any experience yet. Startup Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups have been following a roller-coaster this year. The SaaS companies had rapid devaluation in the face of a global pandemic, but […]

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