Plan Before Qualifying Exam 2011-05-11


I thought my life can be easier after finals. But the real case it that it isn’t
My qualifying exam is 24-26 May.
Plan Before that:
Project for Yannis
Project for Staro
Qualify Exam.
Project for Staro can be finished by tomorrow May 12th. Yannis will come back around May 19th, so the next meeting can be at that time. Qualifying Exams consists of three subjects.
1 Optimization
2. Stochastic Process
3. Dynamic Programming.

11-12: Finish Staro Project. Meeting at 12
12-14: Project for Yannis. Get Prelinmary Result for Comparisonf PageRank and TrafficRank.  Use less 6 hours per day.
15-17: Optimzition
Day: Read the textbook of 524
Redo the homework.
Deduction of exec ices on textbook.
18-19: Dynamic Programming
18 Read the note.
19 scan the book.
Redo the HWs.

20: Stochastic Process.
Scan Notes.

21-23 Review.
Do previous qualifying exams.

Hope I can pass Qualifying Exam!!!


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