The Price for Growth.

I suddenly realize that I am no long a little boy snuggling in mom’s arms, and I will eventually become a man for other people to rely on.
When I was in high school, I thought my life would be comfortable if I passed the College Entrance Exam. But when I successfully enrolled into a prominent university, I didn’t enjoy the comfort I thought I should. Instead I got messed up with endless exams and competition, suffering much worry and frustration. Again I promised myself more leisure and less work in return for fulfilling my dream to study aboard.
The real situation is that I still haven’t got what I promised to myself as I sit in my lab in Boston typing these gossips now, yet I got my dream fulfilled one by one. That’s the price for growth!
I like the feeling of running, not in physical but in psychological sense. I would like to explore new journey immediately after finishing one, filling my life with rich and colorful life experience. The process is painstaking as well as joying.

Please run faster than life goes!!

Conan Wang

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