Aug 23

This is the 4th day of my life in Boston. To be honest, I miss home much, especially when I suffer from insomnia caused by time difference. Money is a key problem in this foreigh country. I only have 3k dollars now, yet I must pay rent of my house, buy furnitures and buy a computer. I don’t have local cellpohones thus not able to contact people conveniently. All in all, to begin a new life in a new world is not a easy thing.

Today I read an article about a girl’s 7-year struggling life in America.I was astonished by the determination and perservance of the heroine, who finished a ph.D degree of CS and a MS degree of BME in 4 years and then transferred to law school.I have the similar characteristics with the heroine, hope I can have a similar happy ending with her.

More and more students come to U.S. for higher degree and better education. However, only a small portion of them accquire real ability and become successful at last, the rest majority remains nameless and unsuccessful. The reason for this giant gap is their attitude towards studying abroad. Many students take the study in U.S as a sight-seeing tour trip. Pusuing higher education is only considered as a shortcut way to experience the alien living style.

I think living style is not worth to mention. You can also enjoy total different living style in western China, Africa or South America, yet no one is willing to go there. Every nation has its own living way and it is not necessary for we Chinese to live as a native American. In fact, I don’t think America living style is healthier and better thant that of Chinese

The true reason for me to come to U.S  is that I want to observe this society. U.S is a well-known matrure and efficient society which can provide more opportunities to talents and more stimulus to new technilogy. U.S is also the wealthiest country in this planet, yet few of native Americans know how this wealth is created, let alone foreighers. I want to get a better understanding to the process and eventrually be able to exert my influence on it.

I am not sure whether  I will go back to China or not in the future, but China has the highest priority. Sometime I am not willing to spent two much time in thinking about future because fate is usually out of our control

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