I have decided to go to Singapore

I’ve sent an email to Prof. Junsong Yong from NTU to express my willingness to further my study in Singapore, despite the fact that I may receive an offer from Boston University.
It is quite hard to make a right decision in the right time.  But at least in this time, I believe my decision is right.
The main reason why I want to to to NTU is that Prof. Junsong Yuan is the only professor with whom I have contacted and whose research interest is Data Mining and Multimedia Analysis.
Although Boston University is a quite good university and Yannis is a nice professor. His research interest in optimization in wireless sensor network. After 5 year’s study in BU, I can only become a faculty.
However, What I want to do 10 years later is to go to industry and to bring huge influence to the world. Although Prof. Yuan is only an assistant professor in NTU, studying with him brings me to the right road.
In some other blogs, I have stated that the next wave of technological revolution comes from Data Mining. Computers (Or Internet in some sense) should be more intelligent to process the information in the web, including text, image, and video information. Person who has paid attention to this field will benefit much from the wave.
Since I am a newcomer to this field,  I need to spend more efforts and study without interference. I think NTU is suitable place which can keep me calm.

(Note: I changed my idea half a month later and eventually decided to go to Boston University. )

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